3 Key Points to Buying Second Hand Safes

Documents, heirlooms, gold, silver and jewelry are only a few of the items you may want to keep in a safe. You may know you don't want to spend the full retail cost on a new safe, so you might start looking to other options. One of those options is buying second hand safes. Before you buy one of the first safes you find, there are three key points you need to consider.

Refurbished Models

One of the first things you should look for is a second hand safe that is refurbished rather than simply used. When you buy a used or second hand safe that hasn't been refurbished or inspected, then you may be getting a safe that is not secure. There could be issues with the keyless entry system, with the locking mechanisms, or with the durability of the safe itself. When you buy a refurbished safe, you are getting a safe that has been checked out. It has been repaired and brought back to the state it was in when it was new. There are usually warranties on refurbished models as well. These warranties can vary in length, depending on the seller.

Manual Override

One of the safe styles that is increasingly common is a keyless entry system. These systems generally have a keypad on the safe that allows you to enter a code to unlock the safe. If the power goes out or if the keyless entry is not working, there is usually a key of some kind that can be used as a manual override. If you are buying a keyless entry system, make sure that the second hand safe does come with the manual override option and that the override option works. This is primarily for second hand safes that are sold at auction or that are sold privately by the individual owner.

Reconditioned Options

Some businesses that deal in second hand safes will use the term reconditioned. The misconception is that this is the same thing as refurbished. To some businesses, reconditioned is different than refurbished. Reconditioned, in these cases, means that the seals to the safe have been reconditioned and replaced. This reconditioning helps to create the seal that allows the safe to be waterproof as well as smoke proof.

By keeping these three key points to buying second hand safes in mind, you can choose the ideal safe for your needs. Keep in mind that you will need to know what the intended use will be and where you will be storing it prior to buying the safe. This will help determine the right size and other aspects of the final safe you choose.