What Does a Pre-Purchase Strata Report Cover?

Buying any property normally involves a fairly hefty financial commitment, and it is crucial to have as much information about its condition before deciding whether to purchase it or not. Having a good idea about what the problems are can give the prospective buyer some leverage in terms of negotiating price as well as knowledge of any future maintenance issues. Inspections There are essentially two types of inspections. First are what are known as personal inspections, which are carried out by an individual looking to purchase the property.

A Guide for Off-the-Plan Apartment Buying

If you are considering buying an apartment, then you should consider off-the-plan apartment buying. Off-the-plan property buying refers to an arrangement where one buys property during its construction phase. Buyers are given discounts as an incentive to purchase the property. On the other hand, developers increase their working capital. Below is a short guide to off-the-plan apartment buying.  When should you buy the property?  You can buy the property at various stages of construction.