The 4 Most Important Places to Position Security Cameras in Your School

If you want your school security cameras to do their job, it's important that you position them in the right locations. Here are four places you should put security cameras on your school grounds to keep crime at bay.

1. At Entrances and Exits

One of the biggest reasons why schools need comprehensive security systems is to keep intruders from entering the premises. From thieves to attackers, there are many types of criminals who may try to get onto your school grounds and put your students or your equipment at risk, so putting your security cameras at all entrances and exits is crucial. Well-placed security cameras act as a deterrent to criminals who don't want to risk getting caught on camera.

If anyone does try to enter the school building while you're there, you can use these cameras to spot suspicious individuals as soon as they show up on school grounds, allowing you to stop them in their tracks. On top of that, security footage can also provide key details on the identity of intruders who try to enter your building while it's empty.

2. In Car Parks

Alongside using entrance security footage for information on an intruder's appearance, you can also track their licence plate if you put security cameras in your car park and 'drop off' zone. Intruders intending to steal from you will almost always arrive in a vehicle, so they can transport their stolen goods away quickly, and they'll have to park that vehicle somewhere while they're inside. Having a security camera pointed at any of these potential locations will make tracking thieves down and recovering your equipment easy.

3. In Computer Rooms

Computers are often the most valuable pieces of equipment kept in any school. Just one computer room can hold thousands and thousands of dollars of technology, which is why they're often a target for thieves and vandals. To keep your computers safe, you should position security cameras inside every computer room. Ideally, you should also position cameras pointed at computer room entrances as a deterrent to anyone considering breaking into them — including misbehaving students.

4. In Isolated Areas

Security cameras aren't just an effective way of stopping burglaries and attacks from outsiders. They're also great at preventing bullying and abuse from occurring within your student and staff body. That's why it's a good idea to put security cameras in the more isolated areas of your school where these incidents could take place. That includes stairways, outside bathrooms and anywhere else that's away from prying eyes.